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radio twiNight is back my immortal friends...pure goth in 192k audio!...a full moon rises once again, goth darkwave industrial electro electrifies these dark soundscapes as they spin brilliant colors of sound..what you are hearing is angelic, it is demonic, it is intoxicating...it is toxic...what you are listening to...is immortality..what you are listening to is...radio twiNight

what you are listening to..is immortality radiotwinight.com

...you should know that radio twiNight is goth darkwave electronic definitely alternative internet radio and...radio twiNight is greyskycasting

...every track you hear on radio twiNight has been purchased by the owner & humble host, I also pay stream licensing fees so that I can support the bands/artists that make these dark soundscapes possible and legal...I hope you do the same...support the bands/artists that make the music...

...comments? suggestions?...please email me, your humble host & Dj @ nocturnus910@hotmail.com or @ dwillow910@gmail.com...don't be shy...let me know you're out there...in the dark...
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in the twiNight shadow

Clan of Xymox-Farewell album in the twiNight shadow

Clan of Xymox-Farewell

...with "in the twiNight shadow", we shine a sliver of pale moonlight on the best goth/darkwave/electronic music in the outer darkness...it may be a new release, or a jewel that harkens back, many moons ago, to a time when we were swept away by all that was goth...or somewhere in between...

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Nightly at 8pm est, these dark soundscapes are reconfigured to spin a beautifully bleak, electronic sound with touches of goth...aka greyskycasting...it is intoxicating...and toxic...