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...this is the new home of radio twiNight greyskycasting...welcome...a full moon rises once again, goth darkwave industrial electro electrifies these dark soundscapes as they spin brilliant colors of sound..what you are hearing is angelic, it is demonic, it is is toxic...what you are listening immortality..what you are listening to twiNight should know that radio twiNight is goth darkwave electronic definitely alternative internet radio twiNight is greyskycasting

radio twiNight is goth electronic internet radio
I wish you all ghostly yule tidings..from radio twiNight

in the twiNight shadow

Sex, Death, Eyeliner soundtrack album

Sex, Death & Eyeliner soundtrack

#FF @greyskycast Who broadcasts the endless night of pure #Goth that kept me going through the rough parts of 2016. Give it a listen.

— Daniel Blake (@DocGamester) December 24, 2016